Project Description



  • Primary mission is to provide advanced medical transport and evacuation services for a large-scale disaster.
  • Secondary missions include responding to mass casualty incidents, incident support, firefighter rehabilitation, and other appropriate, like missions
  • AMBUSs are incorporated into local & regional response plans in addition to being available for a state activation


  • 24/7 response capable, mobile intensive care capable, vehicle configurable to support up to [20] littered patients, or [24] seated patients, or a combination thereof [can support wheelchairs & isolets].
  • Crew compliment is [6] with a minimum of [4] EMT-Paramedic care givers for state mission assignments; Local / Regional staffing varies by host agency.
  • The TX EMTF has [16] AMBUSs pre-positioned with host EMS/FD members

Typing & Staffing

  • AMBUS:
    • Custom ambulance, licensed Specialty Vehicle, Mobile Intensive Care Unit [MICU] with advance  medical monitoring &equipment, integrated electrical, oxygen & communication systems
  • Personnel / Asset Counts
[State Mission Counts below; Local / Regional staffing varies][7] Personnel / [2] Vehicles

[6] AMBUS Crew: [4] EMT-Paramedic minimum

Positions: [1] Crew Chief, [1] Loadmaster, [1] Driver/Operator

[1] Strike Team Leader


[1] EMS CMD Vehicle

Download the AMBUS Component Overview