Project Description

Ambulance Staging Management Team (ASMT)


  • Public Safety Logistics Subject Matter Experts in Staging Large Numbers of Assets
  • Manages the Stage Site, Mobilization, and Tracking of Activated ESF-8 Resources


  • Rapidly deployable, 24/7 statewide response asset.
  • The ASMT maintains a base camp that provides all the tracking, rehabilitation, & logistics needs for staged units & support personnel to include fuel, medical supplies, medical gas, food, water, hygiene, communications, & maintenance.
  • ASMT personnel are selected from our EMS, Fire, & Hospital entities & received specialized training.
  • Each of the [8] EMTF Regions recruits & rosters ASMT personnel.


  • Typing is dependent upon the number of units to be staged & the mission duration.
  • Staging sites can be set up for a single operational period for [25] or fewer units with [2] personnel / scaled up to a multi-day, [500+] unit site managed by a team of [40] personnel.
  • ASMTs are composed of the following positions: § Ambulance Staging Managers
    • Vehicle Staging Team Leaders
      • Vehicle Staging Technicians
    • Mission Tasking Team Leaders
      • Mission Tasking & Accountability Technicians
    • Administrative Team Leaders
      • Data Entry & Documentation Technicians
    • Logistics Team Leaders
      • Communications & Logistics Technicians

Download the ASMT Component Overview