Project Description

Ambulance Strike Teams (AST)


  • Primary mission is to provide medical transport & evacuation services during a large-scale disaster.
  • Secondary missions include responding to mass casualty incidents, firefighter rehabilitation, incident support for all hazards, & other appropriate, like missions.
  • Strike teams are incorporated into regional response plans in addition to being available for a state activation


  • 24/7 response capable, mobile intensive care / advanced / basic life support ambulances [based upon license & crew credentials]
  • A Strike Team is comprised of 5 ground or air ambulances [with 2 medics each] led by a Strike Team Leader in an EMS Command vehicle
  • Over 300 EMS, Fire, & Air Medical Providers are TX EMTF members, deployable on behalf of the State of Texas
  • Each of the [8] EMTF Regions recruits strike teams that provide 35+ deployable teams


  • Ground Ambulances:
    • Basic Life Support [BLS]:
      • minimum [2] emergency care attendants
    • Advanced Life Support [ALS]:
      • minimum [1] EMT-Intermediate & [1] EMT-Basic
    • Mobile Intensive Care Unit [MICU]:
      • minimum [1] EMT-Paramedic & [1] EMT-Basic