Project Description

Infectious Disease Response Unit (IDRU)


  • Augment & support the needs of the regional health- care system with the care, transport, & or transfer of patients with a high consequence infectious disease [HCID]


  • State available & activated, 24/7 response asset
  • IDRU teams staffed from both the pre-hospital & hospital setting with specific training to state-wide standard PPE caches, capable of caring for & transporting a patient with a High Consequence Infectious Disease [HCID] anywhere in the state.
  • Caches pre-positioned in all [8] TX EMTF Regions:
    • [8] Pre-Hospital Transport Caches; [1] in each TX EMTF Region [13] Hospital Augmentation Support Caches
    • [8] 24-HR Caches; [1] in each TX EMTF Region
    • [4] 72-HR Caches; in El Paso, Arlington, San Antonio, & Houston [1] 10-Day Cache; in San Antonio

Typing & Staffing

  • IDRU Hospital Augmentation, EMS Transport, & Cache Management teams are comprised of:
    • Pre-Hospital Transport Team:
      • Group Supervisor, Medical Incident Support Team [MIST], Physician, Paramedics, & EMTs, HAZMAT Technicians *
    • Hospital Augmentation Team:
      • Group Supervisors, Medical Incident Support Team [MIST], Physicians, Registered Nurses, Paramedics, & Logistics Specialists *
    • Cache Management Team:
      • Medical Incident Support Team [MIST], Logistics Specialists, & IDRU PPE Trainers
        * Respiratory Technicians & Infectious Disease subject matter experts will be available / on ALERT as needed
  • ALL IDRU team members, at a minimum, attend TX EMTF IDRU Didactic training



Download the IDRU Component Overview