Project Description

Medical Incident Support Team (MIST)


  • Trained acute healthcare leadership providing Health and Medical subject-matter expertise & support to local jurisdictions, healthcare facilities & local health care infrastructure during disasters.


  • Rapidly deployable, 24/7 statewide response asset.
  • MIST deploy to impacted emergency & medical operations centers, & DDCs to provide integrated ESF-8 [Public Health & Medical] support to authorities, government agencies, hospitals, & state, regional, / local response partners during incidents.
  • MIST personnel are selected & received specialized training. TX EMTF MIST members come from the leadership of EMS, Fire, & Hospital member entities.
  • Each of the [8] EMTF Regions rosters MIST personnel.


  • Staffing is based upon personnel needs by location & are typed as teams of [2] or [6] personnel, [1] of which is designated as the Team Leader.
  • MIST personnel come from all component & mission profiles to cover the full spectrum of ESF-8 activations the TX EMTF responds to.
    • Specialized components / mission profiles include but are not limited to:

      • TX EMTF Overhead Team staff
      • Incident command posts & emergency &medical operations center liaisons / support
      • Wildland fire support
      • Hospital, nursing home, / assisted livingcenter evacuations
      • Infectious disease response
      • Mass fatality response, etc.

Download the MIST Component Overview