Project Description

Registered Nurse Strike Teams (RNST)


  • To provide surge nursing staff for an Emergency Department or specialty area [ICU, burn unit, etc.] nursing staff, to a disaster inundated or impacted


  • Rapidly deployable, [24/7] statewide response asset
  • A strike team is composed of [5] registered nurses able to augment a requesting facility’s staffing with credentialed nursing staff. [Requested RNST will adhere to requesting facility’s disaster credentialing processes & policies]
  • Over 175 Hospitals & Healthcare Systems provide the deployable team members who are actively practicing clinicians.
  • RNSTs are rostered in all [8] TX EMTF Regions.


  • A strike team is staffed with 5 registered nurses of the same specialty with one team member designated as the Strike Team Leader.
  • RNSTs are comprised of team members that are actively practicing in the team’s designated clinical setting.
    • Current RNSTs include the following specialties:
      • Emergency Department
      • Internal Medicine/Surgical
      • Pediatrics
      • Labor & Delivery
      • Intensive Care Unit
      • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
      • Burn Unit

Download the RNST Component Overview