Texans Helping Texans

Each of the eight TX EMTF regions are served by a regional Coordinator. In addition to the eight regional coordinators, there is a Coordinator for the Infectious Disease Response Unit (IDRU) component and the Program Directors.

Want to learn more about the TX EMTF or how to join? Reach out and send us an email. Both the Coordinator’s and the Program Directors’ contact information can be found below.

Meet your EMTF Regional Coordinators

Rodney HuntEMTF 1 Coordinator
Darian ShaddEMTF 2 Coordinator
Eric BaileyEMTF 4 Coordinator
Grant KelleyEMTF 6 Coordinator
Daniel SturdevantEMTF 7 Coordinator
Michael RodriguezEMTF 8 Coordinator
Zyon ZateEMTF 9 Coordinator
John PhillipsEMTF 11 Coordinator
Eric EpleyTX EMTF Program Director
Sara JensenTX EMTF Deputy Program Director
Victor WellsTX EMTF Assistant Program Director
Michael PottsTX EMTF Assistant Program Director