About Jordan Ghawi

Jordan Ghawi is an emergency healthcare and disaster response leader with a passion for civic engagement, working to make Texas communities more resilient. He currently serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC), the regional emergency healthcare system. He oversaw the creation of the state’s disaster medical response team’s Infectious Disease Response Unit (IDRU) and was instrumental in the state’s response during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ghawi was previously the Division Chief of Operations for a local fire/EMS agency. Outside of his role at STRAC, Ghawi is deeply engaged in community advocacy and volunteers in various capacities to advance health equity, civic engagement, and affordable housing. He is a board member of the San Antonio Housing Trust, a director at Texas Lyceum, and previously served on the Mayor Nirenberg’s Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing task force. Ghawi is also a licensed paramedic and active volunteer firefighter. Ghawi is a proud San Antonio native and current Beacon Hill resident. When they’re not traveling, he and his wife are likely undertaking a new project in their circa 1925 landmark house. Ghawi was recently named the San Antonio Business Journal’s 2022 Man of the Year.

Use of Whole Blood Deployment Programs for Mass Casualty Incidents


This report, published in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, focuses on the deployment of whole blood to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, TX. Read the full brief report on the use of the TXEMTF whole blood deployment program for mass casualty incidents. December 2022 - Volume 93 - Issue 6

Use of Whole Blood Deployment Programs for Mass Casualty Incidents2022-12-07T21:27:30-06:00

New Era of AMBUS


The TX EMTF program is excited to welcome three new buses into our AMBUS program. Fort Bend County EMS, the first of the new generation AMBUS (AMBUS 2.0), came online earlier this year.  With the addition of Corpus Christi Fire/EMS and Acadian EMS in early 2020, the EMTF program's statewide AMBUS count will increase to 16.

New Era of AMBUS2021-10-28T14:07:35-05:00

IDRU Milestone


The TX EMTF's Infectious Disease Response Unit (IDRU) reached a new milestone today with the addition of a pre-hospital team in TX EMTF 1. All 8 EMTF regions now have a pre-hospital team for the treatment and transfer of patients with high-consequence infectious diseases.

IDRU Milestone2021-10-28T14:07:43-05:00
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